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The UnStealer has been given a Kirkus Star 
which is awarded to books of exceptional merit.

"The art is sweetly drawn and sophisticated, with bleeding watercolors
as dazzling as geological specimens—malachite, lapis, sulfur—and collages that
create an exotic yet welcoming atmosphere. The interplay between user and
application is surprisingly deep and frequently, er, Unexpected."
"Everyone should have an UnStealer in the house." 
The UnStealer

"This launch of the Wilsons’ Tiny Tourists app series is an excellent 
first step to the world. Worth its weight in florins, guilders or even Euros." 
Little Lamb in Amsterdam

 "apps that deal with turning negative emotions into positive ones, 

"a clever way to get kids thinking more positive thoughts."
The UnStealer

2014 Best of the Best: Top Ten Apps – 
Most Innovative Interactive Picture Books 
Each page is full of things to explore, fun surprises and a story that is worth 
many repeat visits. Hopefully The UnStealer will leave my sentences 
alone, because this is one unforgettable tale! Highly Recommended! 

Queen Bee in Paris

Halloween Apps 2016
Who is the Ugliest of All?

"The UnStealer is a high quality children’s ebook. 
It’s packed with features that make it a cut above many other ebooks, 
including high quality narration, hidden animations and sound effects, 
and messages on several levels. This one could easily land on the 
“favorite ebook” shelf at your house!"
The UnStealer

"The app’s design and content are very attractive to both adults and children. If you are looking for a way to educate your kids on the Netherlands, this is money well spent."
Little Lamb in Amsterdam

I love that this appealing, funny story is structured around a hidden grammar lesson. 
In this case, kids will learn about prefixes, antonyms, and adjectives while following the 
rhyming tales of the sneaky UnStealer and assisting him in his thefts!
The UnStealer

"The limitless interactivity keeps younger children engaged and older kiddos 
can also join in the fun because the message of the book is ageless."
The UnStealer 

"Queen Bee in Paris is such an artful way to introduce a new culture to young learners."  
"While the app is perfect for children of any age, it bears mentioning 
that even adults will find it entertaining"

"If your family is planning a trip to the Netherlands, or just wants to explore 
Dutch culture, Little Lamb in Amsterdam is an app you don't want to miss!"

A Teachers with Apps Pick 

"Each page is a visual feast awash with vibrant watercolors and collages, 
and the storyline is a beautifully written social story that speaks about the courage 
it takes to be oneself as well as highlighting the social and cultural mores of France."
Queen Bee in Paris

"Every child who I read this to, sat spell bound."
Little Lamb in Amsterdam  

Best of 2014 Preschool Toolbox
A to Sea
The UnStealer
Little Lamb in Amsterdam

13 Spooktacular apps for Halloween!
Who is the Ugliest of All?

Best Original Storybook, 2014
"The UnStealer is unquestionably one of the more interesting stories 
I’ve come across this year. Undoubtedly a winner in my book." 
The UnStealer 

"It’s easy to relate to, and can spark instant wanderlust."
Little Lamb in Amsterdam 

Queen Bee in Paris features vibrant illustrations and lots of fun surprises 
that will engage readers young or old. "The story itself is well-written, 
with a strong message: “You can be whoever you want to be.” 
Queen Bee in Paris

"What’s best about the story is how it keeps you guessing."
Who is the Ugliest of All?

7 Apps for Halloween

"It is a beautiful, hand painted app with lots of interactive features
and I imagine your kids are going to love it."
A to Sea

"As for me, I’m also a big sucker for apps that teach my kids about other cultures, 
and I love the history my kids are learning about Holland as they read this fun story."
Little Lamb in Amsterdam

"26 pages of lovely animated mixed-media illustrations, and even a few 
detours into the collections at the most famous museums" 
Queen Bee in Paris

"The pictures, animations, and sounds on each page 
make you feel as if you have been magically transported to a serene beach,
walking along the shore and taken a dive in the beautiful big blue sea."
A to Sea 

10 Great Kids Book Apps for Halloween

The UnStealer is a joyous introduction to grammatical essentials. It is safe to say, 
you won’t find anything like it elsewhere: either in print or virtual form.
The UnStealer

One of the top 25 Apps of September 2013

"It’s handcrafted and rather lovely." Top 25 apps, September 2013

A to Sea 

Thank you for being fans- We are happy to be included!

Children will find The UnStealer to be highly entertaining and parents 
will like the academic aspect as well as the message to have a positive outlook on life. 
I highly recommend downloading The UnStealer app for your child.
The UnStealer

" The commentary is great with some added humor. 
The illustrations in the app are superb and provide just enough
interactivity to keep things interesting."
A to Sea

"An unlikely character helps others in The UnStealer, 
a unique app that you won’t be unhappy about getting."
The UnStealer

"I really enjoyed all the fun facts, loved the beautiful graphics and bright colors. 
I highly recommend this app to parents who have children that are learning their alphabet.
I will definitely be sharing this app with my 3 year old son!"
A to Sea 

"I absolutely loved this story! 
Not only are the illustrations bright and beautiful, but the 
story is funny and engaging as well as educational. 
What a creative way to teach children about the nuances of language."
The UnStealer 

 Appy Chat : A to Sea

"A sweet and entertaining story on its own, Little Lamb in Amsterdam 
has extra value with the factual information."
Little Lamb in Amsterdam

I love a good story with a positive message, and I can see The UnStealer 
being very popular with schools and families. As a story it is engaging and uplifting 
and as an app it is supportive to young readers.
The UnStealer

"We particularly like the illustrations, using beautiful colors which are really 
evocative of the sea. It also has a nice structure, with one short description 
for each letter plus a more in-depth fact for older children."
A to Sea 

Featured in the Best App Books Summer 2014

"I like how this app deals with the darker feelings and misgivings, 
allowing kids to feel those emotions out and learn that thoughts are just thoughts…
in everyday routines to try to change habitual patterns. 
I would definitely use this book with preschoolers and reinforce its message."
The UnStealer

Highly Recommended."
Who is the Ugliest of All?

Check out the "see before you buy" video on youtube.

"We liked: the concept. Beautiful hand painted illustrations. 
Simple interactions (animations and sounds). Ease of use."
A to Sea

" a great way of introducing this country to children.  I hope the authors bring out similar books looking at other parts of the world."

"A to Sea is a journey of discovery, an amazingly illustrated book 
filled with the best of ocean life, its bright colors and interesting sounds."
A to Sea 

"This interactive app has strikingly beautiful colorful illustrations, teaching opportunities, and promotes stimulating conversation. This app is just so unusual, unparalleled, and unforgettable. It will capture the attention of children 3-99!"
The UnStealer

Citizens Gallery

"What impressed me most is that it did not come across as cheesy. Too many apps 
look cheaply made and constructed. This one is simple, easy to navigate"

A to Sea

"It's perfect for kiddos of all ages. My boys love it and I'm sure your babes will too."
A to Sea

Thanks for all of your support over the years